Patrick, GUGP's 2015 Guide Dog Puppy

Patrick, GUGP's 2015 Guide Dog Puppy
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28 July 2015

Ricki's Welcome

I’m so excited—this is my first official blog! Let me introduce myself. My name is Ricki and I was the very first star of Growing Up Guide Pup. But I have had a new job since I decided that I would rather chase squirrels than be a guide dog. I am a mentor dog to all the new puppies that come into our house, no matter how annoying those puppies can sometimes be.

We just brought home a new puppy last week and he is going to be the next co-star of Growing Up Guide Pup, after me of course. We took a very long drive to get him because he came from a different Guide Dog school than I did. We turned the trip into a little vacation and it was so much fun.

After many long hours of driving, we arrived at this amazing house that had a fenced-in backyard and a pool! I love to swim, especially jumping in the water after tennis balls. My little brother Ozzy doesn’t like it as much as I do, but he did give it a try. It was really hot where we were, so swimming every day was a great way to stay cool.

On the third day of our trip, my parents arrived back at the house after being away for a little bit with our new temporary little brother. His name is Patrick and he is a little German Shepherd. He hopes to be a guide dog one day. Back when I was a puppy I thought I wanted to be a guide dog too, but I also like to chase squirrels and I was told that I could not do both. Be a guide dog and chase squirrels, that is. So I chose to chase squirrels—best decision ever!

Anyway, back to Patrick (sorry, dog brains get distracted easily sometimes). So far, he’s a good puppy, but boy, can he be loud sometimes. He doesn’t like his crate too much. He told me it’s because he has a hard time seeing us in it and that he doesn’t like to be alone. I’m not much for the crate either and my mom and dad say that I used to cry a lot in the crate too when I was a puppy. I would try to deny it, but there is video evidence to back it up.

Patrick likes to think that he is older than he is and tries to be in charge with some of our dog friends, but so far he seems to understand that Ozzy and I are the big brother and sister and he listens well to us. He has been really good at not pulling on my ears or tail like previous puppies I have helped raise, so I like that about him. He is a very slow eater and that makes Ozzy and me a little annoyed. Seriously, if you don’t want your food we are happy to help you finish it. Patrick is also really good about not stealing our toys. A puppy that comes up to you when you are enjoying a really good chew and tries to take your toy from you is not my favorite thing.

So far, Patrick is doing well with us. Ozzy may think a little differently than me though—he makes the puppies wait awhile before he will start playing with them. But as for me, I don’t mind him too much. That’s about it for now as I just heard the letters F-E-T-C-H come out of Daddy’s mouth and I don’t want to miss out on that! I will keep you posted on how my new little brother is doing soon.

Wags and kisses,